Incentives provide you with the following Consultants :

  • Consultant Rehabilitation and Counseling Standards of excellence in the European institutional institutions EFQM 2013 for the purposes of Excellence Award Feasibility studies for projects and investments
  • Applications of strategic planning and the preparation of documents and strategic plans for organizations and ministries and the private sector
  • Organizational Manuals (we prepare methodologies of : Job Description , recruitment ,career path , succession plans , organization charts , training plans ,KPI’s , performance evaluation , HR policies and procedures )
  • HR Strategies
  • Advanced Training
  • Capacity building and competencies
  • Institutional performance standards of excellence
  • Soft skills
  • Training & Development of skills ( competancy skills )
  • e-marketing
  • Restructuring
  • the design and implementation of organizational structures
  • e-Government
  • Reengineering processes
  • Professional Development
  • the development of human resources management
  • supply chain management internationally adopted
  • the development of procurement management of local and international stores and tenders
  • archiving and computerization of paper-work of the sections and departments
  • institutional capacity-building
  • simplification of administrative procedures
  • build and develop teams
  • Study and analysis of the needs of human resources and materials
  • orientation of new staff
  • assess the performance of institutional and individual
  • administrative leadership and motivation
  • Development environment health and mental health.
  • Ethics behaviors in the work
  • Warehouse management & Inventory control
  • Tenders management
  • effective marketing and sales
  • Customer Service
  • Feasibility studies of successful projects

The consulting methodology for training we have adopted the advisory is part of the international standards:

A: Preliminary analysis of the skills and capacity pre analysis

B: Examination and analysis of tribal s.w.o.t

C: Program design and implementation according to the latest international standards and measure the impact of training to indicate the ratio of achievement

D :Final analysis with the final exam to measure the individual and institutional capacity and analysis s.wot and practical solutions

F: Recommendations and reports

H : Subsequent follow-up mechanisms